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Aaron Saxton, Norfolk, Nebraska

Aaron Saxton, Norfolk, Nebraska

This man was married then lied to my face about it..I meet Aaron Saxton online and started relationship with him in the early year. Drove to Norfolk, Nebraska to see him for the first time in May. He told me he was divorced. He came to Pocatello, Idaho in June to find work. He left on the bus to return to take care of issues concerning his kids and a possible warrant for his arrest. His wife left a message on my phone about transportation of him when he entered town. Then he couldn’t deny to me he was still married. As he is leaving he is still lying and saying that he is not with April his wife and that the kids are being watched by their grandma. He will be coming back after he takes care of things. I still have the message on my phone from April stating that she is his wife and leaving details for his pick up. Then I read a post on April’s FaceBook page about having to take care of the kids on her own and she has also just had a new baby. Aaron Saxton is a married man that seeks out women on games played online. I know of at least one more woman from the same game platform that has been taken in by him. His favorite is league of angels.

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