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Alicia Little, New Brunswick, Canada

Alicia Little, New Brunswick, Canada

Alicia is very unsuspecting. She is one of those people who gets along with everyone and most think she’s truly wonderful. Alicia has a problem remaining faithful and loyal. Those words mean nothing to her. While engaged to she carried on another relationship with for over two years. She was with both of them for over a year. She then cheated on with while on vacation in the Cayman. While still with him she got involved with me While with she then got involved with multiple others while lying about her relationship status. She lies, she cheats, and appears to have no conscience about it. She will conduct multiple relationships and no one will have any idea because she’s a terrific liar. She lies to friends, family, boyfriends, fianc├ęs, and everyone else in her life. Please stay away from this girl. She is toxic. Once you figure out what’s going on, she will already be involved with one, two, or three other guys. She will have already lied about you. She will have already told other guys she’s not involved. She will have already cheated on you multiple times like she’s done with every significant other in her past. This has all been proven and is documented courtesy of her text messages. Stay away from this girl if you value yourself.

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