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Alyssa Pearce, Bakersfield, California

Alyssa Pearce, Bakersfield, California

This bitch is referred to as the town ferry because everyone’s gotten a ride. She ‘dates’ (sleeps with) multiple men at a time, (especially if you’ve got some extra tweak lying around) including mine. I met this girl awhile back at a bar I was at WITH my dude and she was fake as fuck to me from the start, wanting to be buddy buddy with me. I thought whatever maybe she’s a cool girl. I’ve heard stories about this chick and how she slept a married guy before, went on trips with his kids and shit only to become best friends with his wife. I thought maybe it was just some hear say bullshit.
Actually no, it was true. I found out she’s been sleeping with my man wanting to be a “sub girl”. She got caught up multiple times and doesn’t own up to shit. Not only is she the town whore but the biggest fuckin pussy you’ll ever meet. Big mouth won’t do shit when it comes down to it she’s a scared bitch that’s why she’s gotten her ass beat multiple times. I left that sorry excuse but she can’t possible think she’s getting out of this shit scotch free, you mad your messy shit finally came to a head bitch?

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