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Amanda Marie Smith, Mason, Michigan

Amanda Marie Smith, Mason, Michigan

This girl right here is a whore and she has done everything in her power to take chad away from me and his child she is the biggest hoe I know she will do anything in her power to ruin your life she has been bashing me tell me that I’m a fat lazy piece of shit and that I need to get a job and stop letting my baby daddy support me and that I’m a nasty hoe and that I’m a bad mom because all I do is try for my family all I’ve ever wanted in my life was for me to have a kid and to be with my childs father forever I never wanted my child to have a split home and now the time…is come honestly I don’t know how this works but if anybody knows this girl please share this post so everybody can find out who she truly is she also has a child of her own she does not really know who I am because if she did she would not be trying to do this to me she has done nothing but trash talk everybody I know she had her friend call from Florida and threaten to kill people she is Sicily not somebody you.

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