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Andre Smith, Cary, North Carolina

Andre Smith, Cary, North Carolina

Andre Smith is a liar and a cheater, scandalous and a cheat! He tells you he wants a family, commitment, relationship and it is all lies. He continues to meet woman and fly around the country meeting up with other women while you are home. He will add you to his Facebook to make you more and more comfortable with him. but if you look closely, you will see it all. HE DOES NOT COMMITT! He lies to you, deceives you (and your children) He is known to frequent POF and other dating sites. This man is truly psychotic and controlling. Please be aware of him. He will attempt to guilt you and mind rape you to get what he wants. His self esteem is lacking and tries to build it up by bringing you down. DO NOT GIVE THIS MAN A CHANCE!! You are better than dealing with this.

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