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Andrew M Steeper, Canada

What a con artist, or actually a “so called” man with no morals, values or ethics. He can’t even man up to end our common law relationship in person but chose to txt “I’m sorry we are not working out”. No freakin kidding, yet he would go out til the early hours deny he was seeing someone, which he was months prior, went away with me, threw me a big birthday bash, and contained to sleep in the same bed as me. He has 2 kids from his prior marriage, I’m sure now that it wasn’t the wife who cheated with the neighbour first but him. He doesn’t even make the effort to see his kids, or keep in touch with them and yet calls himself a Dad lol. The new woman has been given heads up but has fallen for his false personality. He has debt bug time for bring in his mid 40’s, lives off his line of credit and credit cards, doesn’t own a thing, as it’s all hidden in a company account so his ex wife won’t know. What a stand up man, claims his income is much less just so his child support is less. He is self employed and his contracts are ending. Champagne taste on a losers budget. If he was my son I would disown him.

He likes to be supported by his victims.

Andrew M Steeper born in Toronto, Ontario still lingering there.

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