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Aron Nicholson, Australia

Aron Nicholson was my fiancé for 10 years two months before the wedding he took off to America to ‘clear his head’ when he got back he lied to my face again and said he wasn’t seeing anyone else that he just needed to think about some things. By pure luck I found out he had been seeing another girl named beck for 5 months!! He had was living a double life one in Sydney with me and his family and one in Perth with her as he travelled a lot with work. He had separate Facebook accounts to make sure neither one of us knew about each other. He is an absolute liar and manipulator he can’t be trusted! He treated me so good right up until the end i would never have thought he would do this to me i honestly trusted him and thought he was one of the good ones! He and been with both of us at the same time and continued to plan the wedding with me while with her! He is currently living in Perth city.

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