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Brittney Muise, Ontario, Canada

Brittney Muise, Ontario, Canada

Let me tell you a little about Brittney Muise, This disgusting ugly ass whore was already married and her marriage didn’t last and she didn’t even try to fix what was wrong or try to work things out. Instead she decided to put her ass into a man that was expecting a child with another woman. She got into an affair with this man knowing that that man owned a house was in a relationship, had a son already & was expecting another child with another woman. She clearly has no morals and didn’t care about destroying a family & taking that man away from his kids. Away from being the father to the boys just to be with her. She gave him false hope of not having responsibilities of important commitment like having children and planning a wedding. She knew he was expecting another child and still she would go around and message him and flaunt her nasty lack of morals and lack of self love. Only a woman who doesn’t have self-esteem would purposely ruin a family for her own selfishness. She was already married, she already had her happily ever after.. but that wasn’t enough for her and she couldn’t handle it. So she decided to break up a relationship and a loving family that was excited to be expecting another baby. She wouldnt back off even when she was asked to leave him alone. When she was asked to stop trying to ruin someone’s life, she tried playing innocent and said she wasn’t ruining anything. But alas anyone with a brain knows, no woman with any morals or respect for other would ever try to break up a family. If that family wasn’t meant to be then they would fall apart on their own. But she wouldn’t step back and let them workout things on their own. Just two weeks after spending time together celebrating my birthday, she parked her car outside our house and stayed the night in the trailer with him. Of course anyone that would see that would be heart broken and upset. She then realized that he missed being a family and he loved being a father and he was going to leave her to be with the woman of his children again and work things out. She purposely got herself knocked up (im not convinced that it’s even his because she was fooling around on him too). And now she won’t let him around his children and the 3 year old misses his father. She wants him to leave his past completely behind and she is so manipulative that he is actually doing that. The 2 month old hasn’t seen much of his father at all because of her. She always plans things during the days that he is suppose to be spending with the children. So he never sees them anymore. She isn’t a good person and she’s manipulative and selfish. Some how she can actually live with herself after doing what she has done.

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