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Report a cheating husband, wife, boyfriend, girlfriend or lover cheater.

Bruce Houman, California

Beware of this creature.

I have knowledge of business dealings with this person.

He will first befriend you and your loved ones in order to fool you into thinking he really cares about you and your family. Then he will play “innocent” and say that he wants to learn from you what you do and will befriend you in order to be your partner.

When he decides to invest with you and once he does and says he is showing it to all of his CPAs and attorneys (Don’t be fooled because at the end, he is just pretending that he does, at time of the lawsuits, he will tell you, he never showed it to anyone and it was just him looking over all of the legal papers!).

If the investment goes well, then you will have no problems, but if it does not, he will sue you and the whole world, including harassing everyone around you, your kids (no matter how old they are), your elderly parents, in order to get his investment back, and his excuse will be: “I WAS BLIND AND COULD NOT READ ANYTHING” and/or will change the story ten fold and lie until he sees who will believe him.

Beware of this creature and stay away from him. Don’t do any business with this man because he is only in the “profit” business, and is not in business for the ups and downs.

At the end he will just play “dumb” and only blame you for everything no matter the good you have done.

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