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Chelse Morris, Las Vegas, Nevada / Nolensville, Tennessee

Chelse Morris, Las Vegas, Nevada / Nolensville, Tennessee

Chelse Morris of Las Vegas, Nevada / Nolensville, Tennessee may seem like a catch but what you don’t know is when she feels done with you, she will find another man while still dating you only to help her get over you. We just had a daughter and had moved to Utah for the summer to run a restaurant instead I was in a tiny hotel room with my daughter for days on in while she started her affair.this lasted months I eventually moved back home and took our daughter with me, she would go weeks without asking how her daughter was, would completely lie about everything, would back out of plans to come visit us last minute every time. Come to find out this kid had gotten her pregnant while she was up there, his girlfriend was already pregnant at the time and 100% believe she had a abortion later she claimed it as a miscarriage and that it was mine. I even tried working out out with counciling and made a appointment for a marriage councillor, on the day of the appointment Chelse claimed she had to go winterize the resturaunt and actually cancelled the councillor and instead she went and spent the day with that man! See she made plans with him forgetting about the appointment and did this with zero remorse. Chelse morris is heartless selfish and only interested in money. This is what she does to a man she calls her soul mate! She then hated me literally over night I became the enemy! She tore my heart out and she will do the same to you.

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