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Clark R. Redding Jr. Ohio

Clark R. Redding Jr. Ohio

NEVER seen or known anyone like this man. He was caught cheating thru text, computer, various women wife went to college with told wife that they had worked with him and he had asked them out. He is narcissistic, fantasizes about women no matter where he is, even his own relatives. He is a sex addict. Be warned, if you come across this covert abuser, you had better RUN, RUN, RUN. He is FAKE. Keyloggers are the most awesome way to catch these boys. He had many fooled for a very long time. Plays the part of Mr. Wonderful, hell seethes behind the facade. When he was caught, he left his two year old granddaughter behind who adored him and blamed the whole thing on s.o. someone else is always to blame, makes up lies and stories to support his lies and stories. Shameless, childish, forty years old and lives with his parents, watches tv all day and most of the night, eating their food and using utilities and pays nothing, coddled beyond imagination. When keylogger picked up email activity, he blamed the women for sending emails to him. ” IF they hadnt been in my email, I wouldnt have opened them”!!? Has a favorite blonde cousin he fantasizes about, and was seen staring at 10-12 year old girls in their bathing suits. During a setup he had sex with a woman he knew was infected with an STD, then went on to have sex with others without telling them, claiming only to have had sex with ex-wife, who was clean. Disgusting waste of humanity.

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