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Claude Mcknight, of Take 6

Claude Mcknight, of Take 6

Claude Mcknight -this man admitted on a public blog that he had been deceiving 100s of women for years using Myspace and Facebook and other social networking sites. He apparently went away with $30,000 from one woman that he was seeing for over 2 years and has made no attempt to pay it back despite signing a promissory note and is now going to be taken to court for defaulting on it. How disgusting!! how does he sleep at night? Beware that he has admitted to lying to dozens upon dozens of women all at the same time for years – working very hard at convincing them that he was single and that they were the only one!! yes, all at same time for years -just to apparently get his sexual needs met without having to use condoms! Claude McKnight of Take 6 – so called Grammy award winner..big deal… You can find the whole and true story here at

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