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Darrell Joe, Fort Hood, Texas

Darrell Joe, Fort Hood, Texas

This asshole had the nerve to try to cause trouble in my life for me and my family. On Friday, October 23, 2015 Kerry Ann Woods Barber Joe left Shiprock NM to be with her husband Darrell Joe at Ft Hood, Tx. She left her three girls Erin Alyssa Barber, Kamren Barber and Allison Ty Barber with her parents Harrison and Edith Woods of Shiprock NM. What type of mother would leave her children to be with a man? Doesn’t she care about her children? What kind of husband would not move his wife’s children into his home? Kerry Ann Woods Barber Joe is an unfit parent and she only thinks of her vagina. Doesn’t Darrell Joe of Shiprock want to be a family with his step daughters? Darrell Joe be a real man and take care of these girls, you have to take the package deal.

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