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Edward Simm, Denver, Colorado

Edward Simm, Denver, Colorado

Ed Simm has been cheating on his wife Marisa Belliti Simm and children. Ed Simm (of Denver, Colorado) goes by the nickname “Scooby” and actively pursues sexual relationships behind his wife’s back every year at the Rocky Point Triathlon and Funkaliscious Volleyball tournament in Mexico. In 2009 Edward Simm had sexual relations with a woman from Arizona. During the next year they emailed (often times sending nude photos from his office email at Wells Fargo), called, video chatted, and sexted each other almost daily during which he perpetuated the lie that he was not married. The sexual relationship continued during another trip to Mexico in 2010. In May of 2010 the two met in San Francisco. Edward Simm was supposed to be meeting his friend “Striker” but spent much of the time with this new woman. A month later their sexual relationship continued behind his wife’s back in Vail, CO. On the way to the airport Ed Simm came clean about his wife and their relationship continued after Ed professed his love for his mistress. In September of the same year they met behind Marisa’s back yet again. The following year in Mexico Ed lied to her again and said he was divorcing Marisa (to whom he referred to many times as “the other woman”) in an effort to bed the young woman again. After a weekend of intense sex he went back to home to his unsuspecting wife and children. Afterward he revealed that he lied in an effort to have sex yet again and had no intention of leaving his wife. In 2012 Edward “Scooby” Simm made the trip to Mexico to continue his adulterous ways and was caught making out and fondling yet another woman while parading her in front of his last mistress before they left the bar together. After the trip he claimed he did it because he loved his mistress and was jealous that she was with another man. He started sending naked pictures of himself attempting to arrange more trips together to meet and have yet another affair. The friends that accompany Ed Simm on these Mexico trips, such as Shad “Scrappy” Goetsch, also mislead their wives as the group devises games to lure women into their beds. I am writing this in hopes that other women Edward Simm seduces discover the truth before his lies cause them heartbreak, STD’s, or worse. All accounts can be verified by contacting

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