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Ezekiel Tim Robinson — Los Angeles, California

Ezekiel is a very charming and eloquent man at first, but slowly the red flags will appear and at that point, you should seriously RUN! Anger issues, degrading, controlling, emotionally unavailable, selfish, etc. Dating him is like walking on eggshells, He is a VERY negative human being and is constantly accusing you of cheating because of his own guilty conscious. One of the biggest cheaters I’ve come across for a “‘ man” with a p**** so small and face so ugly (matches his ugly heart). Targets good-hearted woman and DESTROYS them. Had an amazing woman cheated on them all? left one girl when he moved out of state. left one girl when she was sick. left another girl when she was pregnant with his child. left me because I found out about all these women which he was dating at the same time and while dating me. This horrible man is a scum of the earth who doesn’t deserve anything good in life.

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