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Heather Nicole Jenkins, Orleans, Michigan

Heather Nicole Jenkins, Orleans, Michigan

Here is a start about my story with Heather, my ex Heather had sex with me on the first date. She isnt the little sweetheart everyone thinks she is!!! I am calling you out whore!!! She has cheated on me so many times. She loves to fuck married men or men that in a relationship. She cheated on me with my grandpa. I came home from work early found my 88 year old grandpa giving it to her in the ass. Dont believe a word this cunt says its all lies. This whore loves having as many dicks inside her as possible, while she lies to every single guy she meets. Heather Has HPV and all kinds of stds and she will not tell you eather. If you want an easy lay then Heather Nicole Jenkins is the one for you. This woman loves to do anal then suck it off your dick. WARNING: Don’t Trust Her

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