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Report a cheating husband, wife, boyfriend, girlfriend or lover cheater.

Jason Sharp, Greenwood, Indiana

Jason Sharp, Greenwood, Indiana

This is my story. I want to let the whole world know that Jason Sharp is a player. Jason Sharp was in jail for raping a little boy. I seen him listed on a few websites as a pervert. Ladies if you ever meet this guy you don’t want to look back at him. Best thing you can do is run as fast as you can. This guy is a pervert and a liar, manipulator, cheater and a fake. He is married with children, has cheated multiple times and had children outside of his marriage. He is living with his wife and telling women that he works with that he is divorced. He talks about becoming a pastor and ministering to others. Hes a sick bastard. He has longer hair now than in the pic and weighs less.

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