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Jesse Adamonis, Fort Wayne

Jesse Adamonis, Fort Wayne

We broke up and he was trying to get back together with me after I busted him fucking my 88 year old grandma. I agreed to meet at a bar with another friend of mine. Everything started out great but he got jealous when other guys were checking me out and grabbed my arm forcing me to leave. My friend tried to stop him and he pushed him down (the man is at least 80) he then proceeded to try and hit him with his car. While on the way to his friends house I called him a name so he knocked me out. I woke up on the side walk being beaten, kicked, and having my head slammed into the cement. When none of that worked he tried choking me. I fought hard and broke free. I ran down the street screaming for help and I realized I had no pants or Underwear. The cops believe he raped me but sine we had consensual sex the previous night they were unable to say for sure. He has a BAD temper and is very jealous. He is a smooth talker and makes himself out to be a wonderful guy. DONT BELIEVE HIM! HE IS A SOCIOPATH 100%

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