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Jill Marie Evans — Temecula, California

Jill Marie Evans — Temecula, California

Jill Marie Evans aka Jill 36 born on August 24. 1983 … Jillmarie_83 Boy Mom Temecula CA Registered Nurse…I want to warn all future guys that this girl is a S**t who will cheat on you with your friends. I broke up with her cause she is psychotic who is a true player. She will tell you that you are the only one and you are her soulmate. Come to find she has cheated on me 6 times. Two of the guys who she slept with reached out to me with all the details. She would wait for her kids to go to bed. and would have random guys coming over. I treated this girl so good and this is how she paid me back. The guy she is dating now told me that he got genital warts and Herpes from her. If you are going to entertain this chic beware as she will do a number on you.

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