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John Smalcer, Jr., Cleveland, Ohio

John Smalcer, Jr., Cleveland, Ohio

If you want to get really messed up go ahead and date this guy! Sicko sociopath liar cheater disgusting diseased fraud. This guy would sell his own kids if it would get him a buck or two. Has a rap sheet three miles long in cuyahoga county! This guy is so full of crap! He is a liar and fraud. I looked him up and did a background check after I met him – he was not in the armed forces and he does not work in computers. He is a crook and an ex com. Good grief it takes all kinds of losers to ruin the soup! This guy is s sick person. He got his wife arrested on purpose and now the kids are taken away! He won’t pay his support to his children. He should be strung up and sent back to prison. Way to go DAD! Want some? Good luck!!

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