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Julie Sigala, California

Julie Sigala is a liar and a cheater. We had been dating since Nov. and I busted her in Apl. She was dating the other guy for two months longer than me. When I did confront her about this she stopped talking to me and blocked me on facebook. Thinking she had gotten away with her crime she lied to the other guy for two days. I proved to him that she had played us both and he dumped her. While we were a couple she lied to me about being pregnant, she lied to me about her grandma dying and countless other lies. What gets me the most is after the fact how heart less she’s been about the entire affair; she really doesn’t care about the wrongs she committed. Her sister Claudia Sigala knew about the entire thing and lied to my face about the entire affair. DON’T TRUST this girl!!!! She truly is selfish and self-centered, her only priority in life is herself!

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