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Kaitlin Noel Harp, Milton, Florida

Kaitlin Noel Harp, Milton, Florida

This nasty ass whore is Kaitlin Noel Harp. She is the biggest whore in the state of Florida. Her and my boyfriend were hooking up nearly the whole time we were together, 3 years. She was also cheating on her boyfriend during this. When he was asked why he cheated with THAT by a friend his answer was “shes hot and had big tits.” Uh no shes fat and her face looks like she ran into a wall with her jacked up teeth… sad thing is that she had braces. Now she is pregnant, and is accusing him and a few other guys of being the father. This cum dumpster sleeps around with any and everybody, there is no telling who the dads is… hell the baby might have a combination of different DNAs. If she knows you have a decent job she’s coming for your sperm $$$. Shes 21 and still lives home with her parents and works a bullshit job, and on the side beaks up couples that have been together for years and are in their 40’s. She has no respect for anyones relationship. I found countless pictures on my boyfriends phone where she was sending him pictures of her roast beef V while he was at work. When I confronted her she acted like she had no clue he had a girlfriend. Everyone watch out!!!

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