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Kareem Barakat — Dallas, Texas

Kareem Barakat — Dallas, Texas

Why he continues to post photos of himself, I’ll never know but the dude is a fraud. He “works” in fraud but he is the actual fraud. Was on an antidepressant SSR medication that cases impotence and then lied about it. just untrustworthy and pathetic. Over 40 years old and single because he’s either gay or just can’t seem to build relationships with grown adults. Rather be alone with his teenage nephew as his best friend because he isn’t normal. All his friends are married with kids, and have good lives and then there’s Kareem. A loner with nothing to offer anyone. just a weird guy and can’t own up to any of his mistakes. just thought the world should know. Everything stated here is the truth, but if he were to see this post he would probably label this as slander. He can kiss my a** because all of the information stated is the truth. Because unlike Kareem, I’m not a lying pathetic s******d. But the truth must come out at some point. Whether he can grow up to it and admit that he is a loser isn’t my problem … that’s his problem. Stay away from him. Don’t work with him or talk to him because he is a liar in both his professional and personal life. Always trying to make him out to be better than what he actually is. He’s hated by everyone and will likely die alone because he doesn’t know how to have a relationship with adults. just weird and mentally ill. Stated he was seeking counsel for his mental illness but that’s probably a lie too. As you can see from the photo, he wasn’t blessed in the looks department. Terrible, weirdly proportioned body and no fashion sense. just gross.

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