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Report a cheating husband, wife, boyfriend, girlfriend or lover cheater.

Kim Brohm, Kentucky

She had an affair with a married man name Brian Gray at Arco Aluminum during the months of May through July of 2010. She would perform oral sex on him when they would go out of town on company trips. He would come to her room when everyone else was asleep in their hotels. I knew something was wrong because she was staying out late drinking several nights ina row during the week. It all came to ahead on the fourth of July in 2010 when something said look in the trunk of her car. I found a red teddy in her car. i confonrted her about it. She finally confessed up to it. We had stop having sex with each other also. A few months later in October she was diagnosed with Genital Herpes and HPV. She asked him to take the Herpes test and he said he would but never did. So She contracted HSV2 and HPV from him. Luckily I didnt get it. So if you see her out and about. Beware! She has a scorching case of Genital Herpes and HPV.

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