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Krista Wyskochil, Beaver Dam, Wisconsin

Krista Wyskochil, Beaver Dam, Wisconsin

Krista Wyskochil could be fucking your husband right now. She just knows everyone in Beaver Dam, Wisconsin and knows everything. Her skills as a whore make her so intellligent. Or so she thinks. When her husband was alive, she would have him come up and meet her new friend. Then he would go to work and she would fuck her new friend. The next week she would have her new friend and his wife over to dinner. Her and her friend could grab ass and fuck in the bathroom, while her husband and the other man’s wife sat and talked unknowingly being made FOOLS of. The following week she would bring her new friend home with her and they would go downstairs and fuck just 15 minutes before her husband alarm went off for him to get up and go to work. Think about this!! She could of fucking this man before that, or after her husband left for work?? SHE HAS NO MORALS. SHE DOES THIS FOR KICKS. AND CLEARLY HER NEEDS AND WANTS ARE FIRST. AND WHAT EVER COMES OUT OF HER MOUTH IS GOSPEL. A MAJOR GOSSIP QUEEN. Well NOW shes fucking my husband. She is not even that pretty. BEWARE YOURS COULD BE NEXT, SHE IS A TRUE CUM DUMPSTER.

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