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Leannie Pearce, River Mersey

Leannie Pearce, River Mersey

BEWARE! men this girl is pure evil! she will try to ruin your life and the lives of anyone close to you including mum sister brother friends girlfriends and anyone you care about. she will try to convince everyone you are “crazy” just so she can turn everyone against you and them believe her lies (just like she does) she starts off with nothing then takes you for a ride and leaves you with the clothes on your back and a load of abuse. she will cause you to have a nervous breakdown and then just laugh in your face and brag to friends about it like its some kind of joke. she’s a prolific drug taker yet looks after the elderly yet still shes such a good liar after being reported at work for taking drugs she blagged her way out of a drug test. EMPLOYERS PLEASE WAKE UP AND REALISE WHAT THIS LIAR IS! she is a vindictive violent drug crazed phsyco! and even after you finally escape from her evil clutches she will then set out to wreck the lives of anyone new you get with. she dyes her hair 3 times a week because she is an annonymous ginger which she will lie about because she is so fake she has 3 nipples and size 9 feet and will fuck all your mates when your back is turned this girl is pure evil. within a month of being with this girl you will have scabies which she will lie about and try to deny she passed it onto you. you may also spend countless trips to the v.d clinic which she will also tell you she had nothing to do with it (claims that they were skin tags not genital warts). this girl is a skilled and convincing liar she cold hearted and manipulative she will stand over you why you try to end your life and laugh in your face. she is such a devious bitch and scrounger she will even refuse to give back your underwear! BE WARNED STEAR OF THIS PHSYCO SLUT SHE WILL RUIN YOUR LIFE!!

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