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Lori Lalmond, Andover, Massachusetts

Lori Lalmond, Andover, Massachusetts

We have been married for 9+ years and yes things have been rocky.. He took a job in Andover, MA and we went in April on a belated honeymoon, found him an apartment and he moved up there in April.. Came home in May we were working things out.. Then he decided he as lonely and started seeking out females, that’s where Lori Lalmond came into the pic.. Whispered all the right words in his ear… How she would never neglect him, she loves him.. Even tho he’s having phone sex with me and Internet sex.. We have a daughter together and he had raised my boys since they were babies.. She wrote my on FB saying she east going anywhere and I’m bitter over the divorce which isn’t even filed yet, why cuz every week he wants to work it out.. Just yesterday he said he would be dumping her and trying things with me, well I find out he blocked me on FB and added her.. They are both slim.. She is also married.. They were built for each other. His name is Derrick dearden and her name is Lori Lalmond and before her he was chatting with a 22 year old .. He is 32.. Disgusting Oh and btw she also has 4 kids and lives at home … She says they aren’t doing anything wrong since him and I live states apart… Both are disgusting!

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