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Mario Vassallo, Kelowna, BC Canada

In late May of 2020, Bryden Winsby was found on the side of a hill. He had been murdered. Forensic evidence is being held back by the RCMP and Coroner’s Offices of Vernon/Enderby. The RCMP and Coroner’s Office know who the killer is but refuse to arrest the man. The man responsible is named Mario Vassallo. He is from London, ON, Canada. He lives in Kelowna, BC, Canada. He works for Canadian Superstore (YIG) and WIS Kelowna. Vassallo murdered him out of jealousy over Tessa Cavers. The victim’s father asked the coroner and RCMP not to prosecute Vassallo since Wins by’s father is a high-ranking government official. Winsby’s father made a deal with the RCMP and Vassallo’s family have used their money and power to prevent Vassallo’s arrest. He may run off to England or Malta when the opportunity arises after Covid-19. His companion is Riddhi Dholakia.

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  1. stephanie kjaerbaek made this up

  2. Mario Vassallo wrote this about Mario Vassallo.

  3. Mario Vassallo wrote this comment by Mario Vassallo. by Mario Vassallo

  4. Mario Vassallo has been making these comments about himself and blaming others. He is responsible for these written statements and was accused by the RCMP of faking his own messages for attention and blame.

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