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Matt Smith, Bradenton, Florida

Matt Smith, Bradenton, Florida

Meet Matt Smith at a convenience store couldnt keep his eyes off me didnt think much about it until he was waiting on me the next day too. Upon leaving he held up his phone for me to call. I just shook my head but then thought about it later and googled his name and found his number. We were an item for about 3 weeks until he called and advised his wife found out and figured that would be the end. Then about two months later he drove by my house on route and it started up again. We meet where ever we could at least once a week from Bradenton in the area around, Florida . Until Christmas when he said it was too much that lasted til January then again a break til Febtuary then again in March and just last week too. He gets under your skin until he is all you can think about. I even went so far as to contact the employer and he still gets away with it. Stay far far away he only wants what he can get when he wants it and you are nothing to him. He gave me stds but i wish i made him wear a condom but now its to late.


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