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Matthew Ruzicka, Maryland

Matthew Ruzicka, Maryland

Husband kicks wife with cancer out to have his girlfriend leave her husband. Matt Ruzicka’s wife stands by his side with his alcohol addiction, no licence so she drives him and his son everywhere. Stays with his son while he was hospitlized often so Matt could stay out and cheat. Raises his son like he was her own while he does nothing for his son. For years he goes to work, comes home, eats, showers then off to his girlfriends while telling his wife hes working side jobs. When she is diagnosed with cancer he tells her not to get treatment theres no one to take care of his son or the house. So instead he gets plastic surgery and she takes care of him each time. Until one of his girlfriends Valerie Boston wants to leave her husband, so he kicks his wife out, makes her sleep on the streets with nothing so they can live in her home and her bed.

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