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Mengyue Guo, Kelowna, BC and Beijing, China

This woman from China was married at the time when she was living with another man and using him for his money. She tracked me and others down at my workplace and bothered me out of paranoia over my ‘alleged’ involvement with a co-worker I was never involved with. She misinterpreted statements made by my co-worker and decided to bother me in the workplace. She also disappeared one day and went back to Beijing, China.

attends medical school, has a husband since 2017, and works on government projects. Though it is unlikely I will ever see Guo in Canada again, it is best to stay away from her. She has the money and means to travel and may use you for money or cheat on you while covering up her marriage.

She lives with her husband but it is a marriage in name only as it is an arranged marriage. Guo is five feet tall, slender, Willowy, with long black hair and brown eyes. She is of Chinese background and speaks fluent French and English. She may use another anglicized name. She doesn’t wear glasses and has a clear complexion.

Guo did not say anything to anyone when she disappeared and had to be tracked down.

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