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Report a cheating husband, wife, boyfriend, girlfriend or lover cheater.

Mike Fielding, Thomasville, Georgia

He will hit on any woman he comes across. He’s had affairs with several friends of his wife. He had a 3 year affair with a co-worker and got busted down in rank because of it. He told his wife it was for other reasons. The story was all over town but somehow she didn’t ever hear about it because nobody wanted to hurt her. He tells women that he has an arrangement with his wife and he can have sex with other women. He told the woman he was having the long affair with that they had already agreed to get a divorce when their daughter graduated and he wanted to be in a relationship with her. Everyone in town talks behind her back about how stupid she was to believe him. He has hit on other co-workers and just about anyone in a skirt. He loves to text nude pictures of himself to other women. He is a deputy so he’s not home a lot and he is able to get away with it. His wife is a really sweet woman and works hard at the hospital in town and goes to church. I know her and she has no idea what he’s doing. I don’t want to hurt her by telling her myself but at least putting it down here makes me feel better.

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