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Nadeem Ahmed, Canada

Nadeem Ahmed, Canada

Our story today begins with an enterprising real estate agent. Let’s call him Buddy for the sake of convenience. Buddy likes to go to work and convince innocent investors to buy properties. He convinces them that the risk is low and that the investments are good. And, of course, Buddy is a great sales guy, so he makes a good commission every time he convinces someone to buy a property. Buddy is flush with happiness and success. Unfortunately, Buddy has a very difficult home and family life. After he got married, his wife became pregnant and now, she doesn’t work, and instead stays home and cares for their toddler. This really makes Buddy sad (and mad), because now when he comes home, his wife just won’t leave him alone. She insists on talking with him and having a normal conversation with an adult. Buddy wonders why she won’t just leave him alone. He keeps telling her to just focus on making meals and taking care of their toddler. But no, she keeps wanting to interact with Buddy and annoy him by asking him how his day went. Buddy doesn’t want to talk to his wife. He gets enough talking at work and when he comes home, he just wants to relax and plan his next conquest. Buddy likes to sleep with as many women as he possibly can. He likes to meet new girls, tell them how bad his wife is and how much he loves his toddler. He tells them he enjoys sleeping with married women because they’re so hot and bothered and are aching to have an affair. He particularly likes to sell a house to a husband-wife client and sleep with the wife on the side. Buddy thinks there’s nothing better than this. He gets money and pussy at the same time. Life can be very good for Buddy sometimes. Buddy likes to also talk about how his boss his so successful. Buddy likes to mention that he’s learned a lot from his boss and that his boss also likes to sleep around with women and every now and then, Buddy and his boss like to compare notes and boast about their conquests. Buddy finds that this also gets him the best sales leads and leads to even more money for him. Buddy and his boss like to chill out at a local Swingers club and bar that’s conveniently close to work. They like nothing better than to go hang out at X in Oakville. Life would be just grand for Buddy if he could only get his wife to go to work and stop talking to him. Then Buddy would be all set.

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