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Nathan Roys, Rockford, Illinois

Nathan Roys, Rockford, Illinois

Please stay away from Nathan Roys. He is very dangerous man that will infected you with his stds. He has to be the center of attention at all times. Stay away! Nathan Roys could be said to be slightly entitled. His college education at Mississippi College required little financial commitment from him, his first “real” job was given to him by his doting uncle fresh out of college at his uncle’s company, Practice Velocity, in Rockford, IL, and he lives cost free in the mansion his uncle owns. He also felt entitled to my best friend’s wife, a coworker of his at Practice Velocity. Within a month of Nate working at his unlcle’s company, he had begun hitting on this very clearly married (with a daughter) woman, even going so far as to ask intimate, leading questions about her level of happiness with her marriage just a few weeks after meeting her. After a few weeks of asking her if she “was really happy with her life,” and talking about how she might want it different with “someone else,” he stepped up the level of flirting. Nate knew this coworker would be out drinking with her friends without her husband this July, 2015, night. He texted her throughout the evening, eventually telling her to come over to his uncle’s house so he could make her a drink. After loading her with a copious amount of alcohol, he took her to his uncle’s pool house and had unprotected sex with this married woman. Immediately after, the woman started crying profusely, insisting it was a mistake, that she loved her husband, and that she was simply stressed out with motherhood and career choices. She demanded that it never happen again. Nate then let this drunk and very upset mother drive herself home. Instead of respecting her requests, Nate immediately wrote her a letter declaring that it was not a mistake and he would love for the affair to continue. Just days before this wife’s wedding anniversary, Nate met her at her and her husband’s favorite Mexican restaurant, bought her a few margaritas, then had unprotected sex with her in his car. Nate then asked her to meet him at a motel the day before her anniversary, allowing them more freedom to engage in explicit acts. Filled with guilt, she refused and told her husband about the affair later that day. Since then, Nate has worked to hide the affair from his coworkers, uncle, and family, desperately trying to preserve his public image, yet another thing Nate feels entitled to. When confronted on the affair and told it was over by the woman, Nate has shown little remorse, even going so far as to be offended that the woman would be upset with him for giving her HPV. That’s right. A few weeks after the affair, the woman was met with excruciating pain. A quick visit to the OB/GYN confirmed her suspicions. She now had a sexually transmitted disease that she did not have before the affair with Nate. When confronting Nate about it, Nate stated that he was offended she would send him such an angry message. He shows little respect for her, her marriage, her daughter, her family, her health, and the importance of his role in tearing apart a family. Nate believes that he is owed a position at his uncle’s company, that he deserves free lodging in his uncle’s mansion, and that everyone should think very highly of him, when he clearly abuses these privileges and responsibilities. Any other employee at Practice Velocity would be quickly fired for sleeping with a married coworker. But Nate continues to live in a dream where he does not have to work for his job or his reputation, or be held by the same standards others are.

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