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Oudree Samaiyah Ellis-Sanders, California

Oudree Samaiyah Ellis-Sanders, California

I have a Restraining Order on this woman. I just got the restraining order extended days ago and she has already contacted my family(thereby violating the restraining order through indirect contact.) She has posted photos of me and photos of girls I have dated and or are currently in a relationship with. She has created multiple posts on countless cheater websites attempting to spread lies in order to defame my name. She has 3 different kids from 3 different fathers, her current toddler that she claimed was mine has been proven to not be mine via paternity test. She is also pregnant again by a new random guy, making her children have 4 separate fathers in total. It is so very sad that she has put her kids through this ghetto fatherless lifestyle. She made a falsified police report last month that had 10 police officers and a firetruck show up to my house, by shear chance I was not home and my girlfriend had to deal with police officers pointing a gun at her in the middle of the night. She tried to lie to the judge about making the call just like she lied to the judge about 50% of everything she said about me in court. The police call report even has her admitting it is her that is making the report. In the media it is easy to get a true representation of the dangers of the police; especially when mixed with a fabricated police call that includes the statements, “he has gun”, “he is going to kill people”, both statements where used in her made up police call. I could have been shot to death or beaten to death or at the minimum beaten and arrested for a made up police call. So many scenarios on youtube have various police departments (including my own cities PD) that have men with no weapon who already have there hands up get shot 5-20 times for no reason other than serial murder cops seeking a rush. Be extremely careful when interacting with this psychopath. She has section 8 and has lived off of her kids since she was 15 when she first got pregnant. She has food stamps, welfare and child support and has not worked a day in her life. She spends her days stalking multiple men she is infatuated with that do not want her to contact them. She posts ads on craigslist and other dating sites looking for her next victim.
She has an STD that makes her private area feel rough like the bottom of a human foot and she seeks no medical help to get rid of it. She walks around with grey or blue contacts and has an obsession with trying to lighten her skin. Her name prior to legally changing it was Rasheda Samaiyah Bailey.

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