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Paul Kreigstein, Ithaca, New York

Paul Kreigstein, Ithaca, New York

Hello ladies look out for this man..Paul Kriegstein lives in Ithaca, New York and he is a child molester and part-owns the Collegetown Cab Company that his wealthy parent bought him with his unearned trust fund. He has a bastard daughter that he has never seen nor does he care for her because she is half black. He is a spoiled rich kid who is believed to have been married when he had a baby with an already married woman. His baby’s mom was verified as physically abused by him and was placed in a protective house to avoid being hurt by him. He also offered his baby moms husband 10,000$ to help and abort the child that was his. This dirty little man surely will get his charma from life in general but I recommend all woman avoid him and his only attribute is money which he is losing daily to stupidity, oober and bad business practice. He is also a known and documented rapist and physical abuser Just ask planned parenthood

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