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Phillip Roop, Carter, Oklahoma

Phillip Roop, Carter, Oklahoma

Phillip Roop is a manipulative womanizer and cheater who falls in love so quickly and buys u many things and convinces u to trust him only to use u up til he’s tired and move on. He’s been thru at least 6-7 in the past 2-3 years and he’s also been know to transmit an STD to a few. He’s from elk city/carter Oklahoma area and he is an obsessive hunter who uses u to work like a dog for him on the hunting set up and prep. He’s a recovering drunk but does none of the steps to stay healthy. He professes to have a relationship with God but has no fruits. He dumps u like coward and then spins it to be your fault. Ladies. He’s a roughneck and he’s a disgusting player. Run as far and as fast as u can!!!

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