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Qadar S. Mansur, Georgia

Qadar S. Mansur, Georgia

Ladies, please be AWARE! Qadar Mansur is from NY and has recently moved to ATL. He is a downlow brotha. How do I know you ask? We got into an argument one night and I got into his cell phone. What I seen from two different men he was texting made my stomach turn. I couldn’t believe I was actually seeing a gay ass DL dude. You read about it.. Hear other women’s stories but never do you think one could slip past your judgement. He’s DEFINITELY HAVING SEX WITH MEN. He spends most of his time in the gym. (Now I know why) is very insecure and mean to women. He also uses steroids, which would explain our heated one sided arguments that he ALWAYS started. This guy is dangerous. There’s a reason he left NY quickly and came to ATL. Now I know why. AIDS

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