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Rajat Bhardwaj, Cupertino, California

Rajat Bhardwaj, Cupertino, California

BEWARE: MARRIED. Will stop at nothing to hide it from you. Has a hearing disability – cannot hear anything where he is not the primary subject of what is being said. Will tell you he wants to degrade you sexually as “role-playing” and that he doesn’t mean it, and if you’re a confident person you won’t mind. Will promise he cares about your feelings, and that it is okay you can trust him. He is not role-playing. Does not matter if you are a conservative, hard working, good hearted, saving-yourself-for-marriage kind of person. Will come onto you the first moment you are alone together. Will treat you in a way you didn’t realize was humanly possible. You will want to commit suicide when he’s done. Run away from him like your hair is on fire.

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