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Robert Benjamin Mcghee, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

Robert Benjamin Mcghee, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

Well Robert Benjamin Mcghee 29, has two kids which is Lydia McGhee & Matthew McGhee. What he does is he starts relationships with younger Females To just used them for sex & make them feel sorry for him because he lies about his ex-wife being crazy & that he got stuck taking-care of his two kids by himself which is a damn! lie.what he does is he comes to females nice & make future plans with them which will never happen just to make them look like a real joke in his eyes Also what he does is he has this other woman Which is a Ugly Pig of a woman name (Melissa Strasser) which he calls a babysitter which is the replacement of Lydia & Matthew’s real mother acting like she was just a babysitter but really she is the replacement of the two kids mom when they always break up that’s when he starts relationship with younger females to used them for sex & dump them outta the blew & will ignore them like nothing never happen & He bad talks his ex-wife & his so called girlfriend which he calls the babysitter(Melissa Strasser) & he will sweet talk you to the fullest making you feel good but really.. He is a BIG FAT PLAYER & liar BEWARE LADIES!!!! I don’t want no other females fall for his Awful lies he is the BIGGEST! liar in Pittsburgh, PA So Be careful!!!

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