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Scott Carson McDonald, Alberta, Canada

Scott Carson McDonald, Alberta, Canada

Cheater loves POF website. I met him there. First date was amazing. Told me what I wanted to hear. Was a perfect gentleman. Second date… Makes me wait 45 min outside his apartment (I know, stupid girl for waiting… Something was off). Caught him in many lies. The kicker was when I found an article in a newspaper online about him and his ‘wife’. He said it was an ex fiancé and he was misquoted. Right. The breaking point. My friend saw him on POF and he asked her out within 7 messages back and forth. While we are still together, Three weeks after I break it off, I get a message from him that he still loves me. I tell him I’m not interested that he should work things out with his wife and perhaps tell her. He said what he does in his own time is his own personal matters…..Scum. This guy is scum. I just wish I knew who his wife is. I cannot seem to track her down to tell her. She has a right to know. 🙁

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