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Stacey Lotts, Las Vegas, Nevada

Stacey Lotts, Las Vegas, Nevada

He is a LIAR!! he pretends to be this ambitious guy with a lot to offer.. He acts as If he can never find a sweet girl. Then he tells you all about how much he doing far as his so called business..first he was C.E.O of a record label southern swagg ent..yea he made that up too… he made me think he signed me as an artist!!! but yet has no record label or no money!! He told me he use to taking limos every where he go and he acts and does porn commercials etc..adds at one time then went to writing books to well?? you get the picture..I started to see as time went on that if all this was true then why was it so hard for him to get the smallest things coming to live with me in another state? then I hear he giving blood like every week just to have money..lost his apartment and now living with family but yet he says someone drained his bank account the day before he just told me he was moving here and getting an apartment. said he didn’t know what food stamps were??? oh wow but yet he started getting them!! guess he was embarrassed to admit he need help too..but how do you go from c.e.o to limos every day to food stamps??? ok I still love him and kept holding on to him because I felt who cares! one day he’ll trust me enough to be open..but yet he all on facebook telling the world how great he is and how much he got and do and own and flirting away also planing trips to see other females just as he was planning to come LIVE with me cause he love me so much!!yea I know smh..sad.. this guy wrote me over 50 emails through time about how different I am and how he wanted someone like me and he gon love me and give me the world… know the story but then sent me a email weeks ago saying he don’t deserve me and I don’t know the real him etc…so i let go heart broken..then he email me right back saying please do not leave him!!! my computer broke down so I couldnt respond but just now getting online again two weeks late and he up there posting posting again on facebook WHAT HIS GIRL NEED TO BE!!! all sweet and shyt like he looking for love and can’t find it and he all flirting with these chics and just as if I never existed but yet Im reading a email he just sent me prior to that saying PLEASE DONT LEAVE HIM, HE MISS ME all types of shit… he said I was the only women who got his number or text or talk to period..but I look back further on his page and see females saying( hey boo why you didn’t text me? or when you buying the ticket? or….or!!! are you kidding me..when I was in the hospital and he didnt have a phone to chek on me but yet he on facebook!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! he said i would be his wife one day..lmao but yet he just a phony who will tell any girl ALL THE SAME LIES!!! just because he like making others think he’s someone more than who he actually is… which is a nothing ass nigga!! a broke ass, procracinating, lying ass nigga!!! and I feel bad for any female who believe this garbage have no idea all I done for him!! almost 6months and was about to change my whole life for a 21 year old character who don’t know the difference between real life and cartoon!!!! stacey montreal lotts!! catch em on facebook ladies!! catch em on facebook talking bout how niggas mad cause they can’t be him or do the things he do and all females want him but can’t have him and how every body mad cause he got soythern swagg ent..this dude is a joke!! but worse I believed everything he said like a fucking idiot and I feel so stupid and hate that I even gave him my heart let alone my not a stupid female I am kind hearted I am not about drama at all rightnow im just hurt that I let allowed myself to be that dumb and I hope others recognize real from just PATHETIC………………i cant believe I thought he loved me..and no wonder he never put in a relationship on his status but can put up everything else..he lives in a fantasy and will take you on a hell of a ride into no where if you let hi..yea he cute but he aint that damn cute to go thru what I did…

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