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Report a cheating husband, wife, boyfriend, girlfriend or lover cheater.

Stephen M. Smith, Esq

Stephen M. Smith, Esq. is a cheater and a liar. He plays on the women who are vulnerable. He zeros in and pursues you heavily, gets engaged to you, gives you a life that is wonderful, takes care of your living expenses and then he cheats on you. Then he tells the woman he is engaged to he does not want to have a family with you. He wants to still be engaged but he wants YOU to give up your dreams of having a family. He has done this to a woman in Birmingham, AL and one in Westlake Village, CA. He buys his girlfriends, before they become fiancés, at the time a beautiful multi-million dollar home in the state they are from. He gives you a budget of anything under 2 million for you to go and look for your dream home. He has you move in and starts taking care of you that way. He then will pay for your legal fees if you are going through a divorce. He pays for your new life style. Once he has had enough of you he looks for another victim. His latest victim is in his home state of Virginia in Virginia Beach. She is still legally married to her husband with four boys, she is also a cheater by the name of Jynine Thomas. He started seeing her when he was still engaged to the one in California in 2010. She was also heavily pursuing him even though she was and still is legally married in 2012. He was wooing both women at the same time. He left the woman in California as well as the woman in Alabama homeless and penny less. They have nothing left. To make it even worse, he will sue for whatever he has given you and tie it up in the court system for years. He keeps a file of ALL of the receipts of every gift he has given you. He buys you a car of your choice as a gift and will take it back and leave you without a car. He is a litigator that is his day job – A power hungry litigator who plays VERY dirty. He hired a thug to go after his ex-fiancé in California, her ex-husband and his family. He stops at nothing because he knows the law. He dances on the cracks. He will bribe anyone to win a case against in his personal life and I am surmising his professional one as well. He will destroy a woman and her family. He turns the woman’s friends and families against them – He wants the woman to have zero support so he can take her down. He is a horrible man who is truly Satan that is in human form. Stay away from him. Do not trust or believe a word he says. He will hurt you and the ones you love. He will leave you in the red, well into the 6 figures. He will give you his word that, “He will do the right the thing.” Which is nothing. He lets you drown. He is a liar and a cheater. If he is like this in his personal life you know he is like this in his professional life. He is a very prominent litigator that will stop at nothing.

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