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Stephenie Hill, Silver Spring, Maryland

Stephenie Hill is a dangerous cheater. Stephenie will angrily accuse her innocent lover of being untrustworthy or unfaithful as soon as she has secretly committed the wrong that she accused her partner of doing. Calling her on the guilt was a regular discovery. Stephenie Hill is great at justifying or projecting her shortcomings when it comes to inappropriate interactions with other men while she’s in a relationship, but when confronted with the reality that “two-can-play-that-game”, she is confrontational and full of a deep rooted anger that blinds her from seeing her own double standard nature. Stephenie’s the type of cheater that would not think twice about being intimate with an ex-boyfriend’s best friend, yet would criticize your character to the world for verbally expressing your anger during a heated disagreement. Its enough to make you loose your mind if you love her blindly. When I discovered the source of Stephenie Hill’s guilty energy, I should have taken the high road but instead, I sought revenge and had a beautiful friend stay with me in the cheater’s bed, while I made the discovery that she was away on an island keeping up with an old flame online. I would never tell her about it, being that my night with the girl was more for me than revenge or an attempt to hurt Stephenie. I simply would have lost my mind and it would have been a lethal situation if I did not have that calming and reassuring affection from someone else after what Stephenie put me through. Until Stephenie matures and understands the consequences of her actions, two will always play her game.

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