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Steven Bebekian, Phoenix, Arizona

We first met Steven about 4 years ago when my husband and I placed an ad for another man on a swinger’s website. Steven was working in Vegas, but had a wife back in Phoenix, AZ and could not afford to move her there, so would drive home to see her once a month. At any rate, my husband Pat and I have an open marriage, since he is 15 yrs older than me and wants me to be satisfied. Steven seemed to fit the bill, and was very polite, honest, and charming. We liked him so much that we let him move in with us almost rent free. Plus, Steven and I also engaged in kinkier sexual activities behind my husband’s back, since I wanted to experiment with bdsm and Pat did not. We even used Steven’s dog one time! Steven lived with us for two years and during that time, I must admit I fell in love with him and he said he loved me too. Then, he got laid off from his job and had to move back to his wife in AZ. However, things did not end there. He still managed to find ways to get back to see us in Vegas and also texted and im’d me all day and night. We trusted him completely, even helped him when he was short on money paying his bills and took him out to dinner with us many times. It was only about a year later that I found Steven was seeing another woman when he was coming back to Vegas to see me. She called me on the phone and told me that Steven said he was in love with her also and that she was his submissive or “slave” and wanted to know why I was still bothering him. Well, I had no idea he was seeing anyone else and this broke my heart, not to mention he was having unprotected sex with all of us! Apparently he spent two days with this woman in Vegas one time before then coming to see me and also sleeping with me. Of course, his wife is completely in the dark about all of this as well as his truly kinky sexual desires. He likes bdsm, whipping, anal, fisting,enemas, and water sports, among other things. He uses women and lies to them, saying he loves them when it’s all a bunch of shit. Beware of this man! He trolls ALT.COM and AFF.COM and tells everyone his wife is mentally ill and isn’t interested in sex and never has been. He is really just a dishonest perv and a big user who masquerades as a caring family man.

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