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Steven Feris Ultimate Choice Restoration

Steven Feris Ultimate Choice Restoration

Steven Craig Feris owner at Ultimate Choice Restoration has been married three times. Had cheated on all three wives. Has six kids. Holly s* six kids. His two older one doesn’t talk to him, he abandons them to go cheat with another woman. This man its the biggest narcissist a**** you ever meet. Used woman to get what he wants. He prays on single struggling moms. He is well outspoken and very convincing with words. He was cheating on his third wife after having four kids with his office manager. This went on for six years, while his wife sat at home and took his abuse for years. He bit her up physically and mentally and damaged her. Steve has severe mental issues, he is abusive and was in a mental facility after trying to kill himself, he was embarrassed his wife found out he was cheating with a fat girl. He has an addition to s*x and p**n. Has in a facility in Colorado treating these issues. Every woman that has to be in a relationship with Steven has been damaged and hurt deeply.

Stay away from this man, with his sad story about his four kids, he will suck the life out of you. He never talks about his older kids because they hate him, he is never being a father for them. They are better off without him.

Steve its very inappropriate, don’t let this man around y.our children especially if you have younger girls. He is a filthy pig. He likes to help a woman so he can sleep with them. Unfortunately with his business he always meets a woman who is vulnerable. Dint let him fool you. he will abuse you and take advantage of you.

Steve is a very s****y businessman, he cheats to make more money, commits insurance fraud, makes his jobs more juicer by creating more problems in your home. He will cheat personally and in business.

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