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Tom Reif, Dallas Texas

Any woman interested in this Gigolo can check the Dallas and Collin counties civil court records for the papers on his many divorces. You will see that Tom Reif of Dallas was paid by his last wife in the amount of $50,000.00 which he was very proud of. His last marriage lasted about 10 years and when it was over, his wife had to pay him, which also goes to show that he is not very good at his business in Real Estate. He is always going to make a big commission but rarely does he actually get any money because he is not good at his business. His last wife made really good money which is probably the main reason he married her. Also you will notice how bad his temper is when he gets mad and if you are a woman you might get hit or pushed around. I have heard about this from one of his ex-wives. He is so bad at Real Estate that he had to file bankruptcy before. But he is very good at getting loans from banks or women.

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