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Vincent Fitzgerald, Washington

Vincent Fitzgerald, Washington

Dating site we met on: Okcupid, Username: vtussin, Age: 26, Current location is Los Angeles but frequently flies to Washington and Idaho and will be moving to Washington in early 2016. His Okcupid profile lists his current location as Seattle, Washington. Vincent Fitzgerald is a cheater and a liar. He used me to cheat on his longtime girlfriend that he is living with. I did not know until after we had sex that he had a girlfriend at the time. I now realize that the reason we would have sex at his jeep and never at his place was because she was there and he did not want to get caught. Fortunately, I looked in his phone once and saw that he had a whole bunch of missed calls and texts from her (I knew what her name was because he had mentioned living with her but said she was his ex even though by her texts she obviously wasn’t and had no idea what he was up to) but I guess she must have been on do not disturb because I had been with him the whole day and his phone had not made any noise and did not even light up at all from any missed calls or texts. I ditched him when I found out, but was so mad I did not think at the time to get her number from his phone to tell her. And now I have no way to This man is incapable of ever comitting to just one woman. Even when we were hanging out he would be texting/messaging other women when he thought I wasn’t looking. Even if his status says single on any dating sites, he is probably still in a relationship with this girl, lying to her face everyday.

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