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Wendy Gierard, Ketchikan, Alaska

Found out Wendy Gierard has been having an affair with the adjunct welding teacher at the college, Ken Horn. This has been going on for over two years. She spend Sat, April 16th at his home, while her daughter and hubby were in Seattle. She was caught doing him in her office last year on the 4th of July weekend, and was outed on Facebook, where she promptly removed her profile. She also spent time with him in Portland last year on Father’s Day, under the pretense of showing her daughter the colleges there. Too bad for her that Ken Horn will do anyone and has been doing anyone, including several other women, like Teri Thompson, (also married and also sleeping with Fritz Peters )as well as the local dyke from the V named Holly. Sure hope Wendy didn’t think she was “special” . Ken Horn doesn’t deny having the affairs, just says he has no excuse for his actions.

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