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Whitney Marie Mattingly, Clarksville, Tennessee

Whitney Marie Mattingly, Clarksville, Tennessee

Whitney Marie Mattingly slept with a pregnant woman’s husband at the Tennessee Department of Corrections Academy. Somehow, their marriage survived…however, she had already broken another marriage and was sleeping with both of these husbands at the same time! She became pregnant with the other man’s baby, but when he learned of her infidelity at the corrections academy, he left her and refused to help her raise the child. Everyone at work (she is a prison guard at Lois M. DeBerry in Nashville, TN) knows about EVERYTHING and yet, she continues to blame her problems on other people…forever refusing to acknowledge or accept that her OWN actions have illicited harsh consequences.

She is the WORST kind of person; a manipulator who ONLY cares about what she can GET from other people. STAY AWAY IF YOU KNOW WHAT’S GOOD FOR YOU. WHITNEY MARIE MATTINGLY IS A HOMEWRECKER AND A DESTROYER OF LIVES.

She currently lives in Clarksville, TN but her hometown is Bardstown, KY.

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  1. Omg, she is ALL OVER craigslist. She’s looking for women now?? Guess she “had her fill” of men for now since she’s pregnant?? LOL

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